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Welcome Feedback

The simplest way to ensure everyone on your staff is happy is to ask them rather than sit in a room with other supervisors and decide what’s best for everyone else, involve the staff in new decisions. Supervisors should be open and friendly, and willing to hear about work problems. They should encourage any staff member to not only approach them with problems, but with suggestions for solutions.

You should encourage openness, but recognize some people may be afraid of admitting there’s a problem. If those issues aren’t addressed, you can’t have a happy and productive staff. Have a suggestion box where people can make anonymous comments and then you can address the entire staff.

Meet Regularly

Keeping a hospital staff happy isn’t as simple as one single effort to get everyone’s feedback and discuss possible solutions, although that’s a start. New issues arise and proposed solutions don’t always work as planned. Regularly examine everyone’s feedback.

While you should still be open to suggestions daily, it can be difficult in a hectic hospital environment to make time every day for issues. Set a weekly or monthly date for a regular check-in. While not everyone can attend since the hospital needs working staff at all times, you should make it so every department is adequately represented. If the staff knows their issues will be addressed on a regular basis, they’ll be more willing to discuss them.


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